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Haunted Halloween


Halloween Harry

M DOS Games

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1000 Miglia
©1991 Simulmondo

1000 Miles
©1984 Anonymous

1830- Railroads & Robber Barons
©1995 The Avalon Hill Game Company

©1992 Max Design GesMBH

1942- The Pacific Air War
©1994 MicroProse Software, Inc.

1st & Goal Fantasy Football
©1991 McS Custom Software

3-D Helicopter Simulator
©1987 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

3D Hunting Grizzly
©1998 Macmillan Digital Publishing USA

3D Pinball
©1992 Villa Crespo Software, Inc.

3D Trek
©1992 Scott Douglas

50 Mission Crush
©1986 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

688 Attack Sub
©1989 Electronic Arts, Inc.

688 Attack Sub (Maxell Special Edition) (Demo)
©1988 Electronic Arts, Inc.

A-10 Tank Killer
©1991 Dynamix, Inc.

A320 Airbus (Edition Europa)
©1991 Thalion Software

A320 Airbus (Edition USA)
©1993 Thalion Software

A320 Airbus European Mission Disk
©1993 Thalion Software

©1990 Unknown

Abrams Battle Tank
©1989 Electronic Arts, Inc.

Absolute Pinball
©1996 21st Century Entertainment Ltd.

Ace 2
©1987 Artronic Limited

ACE- Air Combat Emulator
©1987 Spinnaker Software Corporation

Ace of Aces
©1987 Accolade, Inc.

Ace of Aces (EGA)
©1987 Accolade, Inc.

Ace Of Aces 2
©1987 Accolade

Aces of the Deep v4.27
©1994 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Aces Over Europe
©1993 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Acrobatic Flight Simulator
©1995 Gemsoft

Action In The North Atlantic
©1989 General Quarters Software

Action Service
©1988 Infogrames Entertainment SA

Action Sports Soccer
©1992 MicroLeague Sports

Action Stations! - Automatic Scenario Generator
©1989 RAW Entertainment, Inc.

Action Stations! - Scenario Maker
©1991 RAW Entertainment, Inc.

Adult Film Cameraman
©1994 Interactive Girls Club

Advanced Destroyer Simulator
©1990 Futura

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Collectors Edition)
©1994 WizardWorks Software

Advanced Flight Trainer
©1987 Electronic Arts Inc

Advanced Galactic Empire
©1991 Coktel Vision

Advanced Tactical Air Command
©1992 Microprose Software Inc

Adventure Fun-Pak
©1989 Apogee Software, Ltd.

Adventure Games
©1986 Public Brand Software

Adventure Quest IV - Adventure Games
©1988 Keypunch Software, Inc.

Adventure Quest IV - Strategy Games
©1988 Keypunch Software, Inc.

African Raiders-01
©1989 Coktel Vision

Air Bucks
©1992 Impressions Games

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