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A10 Tank Killer Enhanced
©1989 Dynamix

African Desert Campaign
©1986 Matt Kaufman

Age of Rifles
©1996 John Eberhardt

©1989 Dwain Goforth

B-1 Nuclear Bomber
©1983 Avalon Hill

Bang Bang
©1996 Unknown

Battle for Normandy
©1983 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Battle of Antietam
©1986 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Battles Of Napoleon
©1989 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Blue Max Aces Of The Great War
©1990 Three Sixty Pacific

By Fire & Sword
©1986 Avalon Hill

Call to Arms
©1982 Sirius Software, Inc.

Civil War
©1983 International PC Owners

Combat Tanks
©1995 Unknown

Empire 2 The Art of War
©1996 White Wolf Productions

Gettysburg- The Turning Point
©1986 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Golden Oldies Volume 1 Computer Software Classics
©1985 Electronic Arts Inc

Guerilla Wars
©1987 Data East

Isle Of Wars
©1994 William Soleau

Jrr Tolkiens War In Middle Earth
©1988 Avalon Interactive

©1987 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Knights of the Desert- The North African Campaign of 1941-1943
©1983 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

MacArthurs War- Battles for Korea
©1988 SSG Strategic Studies Group Pty Ltd.

Magnetik Tank
©1986 Loriciel

Magnetik Tank
©1986 Loriciel

Malta Storm
©1989 Simulations Canada

Midway Campaign
©1982 Avalon Hill

Midway- The Battle that Doomed Japan
©1989 General Quarters Software

Modem Wars
©1988 Electronic Arts Inc

Net Wars
©1992 Novell Inc

Operation Market Garden- Drive on Arnhem, September 1944
©1985 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Psychic War Cosmic Soldier
©1989 Kyodai Software

Russik Front
©1989 Henrik Hoxbroe

Second Conflict
©1995 Unknown

Shiloh- Grants Trial in the West
©1987 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Storm Across Europe
©1989 Strategic Simulations, Inc.

©1991 Wardco

Tanks Destroyer
©1993 Gamos

©1992 Kenneth Morse

Terminator 2 Judgement Day Chess Wars
©1993 Capstone Software

Ums II Nations At War
©1990 Rainbird Software

©1987 Cases Computer Simulations

Vulcan- The Tunisian Campaign
©1986 Cases Computer Simulations Ltd.

War In The Middle Earth
©1989 Melbourne House

War Of The Lance
©1989 Strategic Simulations Inc

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