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Corporation, The

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Copyright: © 1986 Anonymous
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.0
Filesize: 75 KB
Genre(s): Strategy Simulation
Likes: 274 Likes
Last Played: A few days ago in United Kingdom by ompopniox

Review 1:Corporation is an interesting first-person action/RPG cyberpunk game thatis largely overlooked. The plot is typical cyberpunk setting: in the 21stcentury, the Universal Cybernetics Corporation is secretly developing amutant robot for military purposes. A freak power outage one day sets onesuch creature loose to roam around town, murdering innocent citizens andwrecking havoc. The company, of course, denies all involvement. As aZODIAC special investigator, your task is to save mankind from untimelydestruction, by destroying the hideous genetically engineered war machineand exposing the company of its evil plans. The game's highlights are themany features that combine the best of action, adventure, and RPG:automapping, object manipulation, damage control, security problems,combat - and don't forget how useful your Backpack Computer and SmartCard can be. One of the best features in the game is the ability tocontrol up to 6 characters (one at a time): 2 male, 2 female, and 2droids. Each character has different RPG-style statistics and skills.This allows for multiple solutions to many puzzles, although most of themare limited to either the "brain" (e.g. use security cards) or "brawn"(bust the door open) approaches. There are many neat futuristic weaponsand gadgets to find and use, some of when are very inventive. Just theirnames, e.g. "hologram projector" and "thermal infrared image intensifier"are enough to tell you how cool they must be :) Although most of thegame's puzzles are limited to opening different doors, there are manyways to do it that it never becomes boring. You will crack the securitysystems, negotiate pressure pads and airlocks, and evade infrared beams.Unfortunately, Corporation never quite immerse the player in the game dueto bland graphics and lack of plot development. You know from the startwhat the goal of your mission is, and that's it-- the game never fleshesout the details of your mission, or makes the gameworld more believable.Still, over 16 levels packed with interesting gadgets should keepeveryone plodding to the very end. Recommended, but keep in mind thatthis ain't System Shock, and the difficult arcade-style combat mightfrustrate RPGers who are reflexes-impaired.

Review 2:A first person shooter that requires you to think things through ratherthan just attack anything that moves. This game preceded Wolfenstein 3Dby a number of years, and while the walls were not ray cast, but solidfill polygons, it was still one of the earliest simulations to tackle ahuman viewpoint with complete, 360 degree freedom of movement.

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