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Last Updated: Sat, 11th Apr 2020 @ 18:25
Copyright: © 1996 Katz Medias AS, Webfoot Technologies, Inc. (0 Titles)
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.01 Registered shareware
Filesize: 13 MB
Genre(s): Action
Screenshots: 1
Rating: Interpose has not been rated yet (0 Votes)

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About Interpose

Interpose is a beautiful and very smooth VGA shooter that boasts very high production value for a shareware game (similar to all other Webfoot games). The plot, while not really necessary, is interesting because you play as an “overlynx” (a sentient lynx) who must fight the evil humans who are invading Earth – your home ;) In addition to the fun side-scrolling mayhem where you simply shoot everything in sight, Interpose features nice cartoon cut-scenes that advance the plot between levels, as well as excellent sound effects and music. The backgrounds are nicely laid out and give good illusion of depth, although the weapons and power-ups are not as creative or varied as, say, Gradius. To make up for that, though, the game contains 23 levels (albeit with 5-6 sets of scenery), so it will take even joystick vets quite some time to finish. With very smooth graphics (over 70 fps), fun cartoon cut-scenes, and all-around polish, Interpose is one of the better shareware games that every shooter fan should definitely take a look, although it’s not nearly as memorable as the most popular shareware shooters such as Tyrian.

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