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What is the idea of DOS Gamer?

Well, funnily enough it's a place to play and download DOS Games. You can also rate, comment and like games. Post about them on your profile page. The best comments get posted to the front page. Along with real time updates of DOS Games being played around the world, helping other users to discover new DOS games.

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Is there more games to come?

Even in 2022 DOS Games are still being written, so yes more games will be added, in fact there is over 500 games as yet to be published on DOS gamer, they do exist but, currently require manual checking before becoming available to download or play.
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Who provides the hosting?

We host on our own 100% owned servers, stored in a Data center connected to whopping 10 Gbps connections.* stored in a dusty basement, and powered by car batteries (This is temporary).

DOS Gamer is powered by a custom software solution called DG. It's been this way since day one, before cloud was even a buzzword.

* Sadly, the data centre was destroyed in Nov 2022 :(

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How old is DOS Gamer ?

Well the domain has been in continuous use since 1999, hosting DOS games growing ever so slowly over time. However the current incarnation with it's social media style is less than a year old. Previously, the site was similar in function in 2007, comments, private messages, star rating vs like, but it took me over ten years to release the new version of the site, what can I say, I wanted to be right, not simply nearly right.
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When did you envison the current site?

Ever since javascript DOS emulation became possible I knew it would one day be possible to introduce DOS games to new audiences who are not familar with the venerable OS itself and was quite excited even by early prototype javascript DOS emulators.
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How long did it take to enter the data for all the games?

About 2 years although this includes taking hundreds of screenshots, verifying each and every game at least loads and seems playable, patching the ones that don't work or have copy protection, entering the meta data such as year, genre and developers.
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Is DOS Gamer For Sale?

No! Stop sending offers. I'm not interested.
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