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Avatar 8th May 2022


A few tweaks here and there.

Cosmetic changes to sidebar
Not much but it's a little neater.

New Poll
It's PC Games Vs Console Games, which is best. Vote now.

Improved File uploading
Upload files upto 250mb, now supports multiple file uploads and you can browse and download uploaded files.

Improved Private Messages
Search inbox/sentbox messages.
HTML Editor with file attachments support.
Experimental email support.

Improved comments section
Minor cosmetic layout change and HTML posting support.

Avatar 21st October 2021


It's been a busy week, Lots of updates and improvements!

Forum improvements
The forum has an improved input interface, you can embed images, emoticons and files, insert Tables, Format text sizes and colours and more.

Avatar support.
Upload your avatar and personalise your profile.

Did your mean?
A lot of searches where returning no results, due to mis-spelled search keywords.
For example: Jass Jackrabbit, Mortal Combat.
In these instances a 'Did You Mean' Banner will appear and suggest the closest match.

Game Cheats
Some games now have cheats listed on the page. If you know more please share them in the cheat group.

More Games.
There are more than 7000 fully browser playable DOS and Windows 3.1 games.

Stay logged in (for one year).
Ticking the checkbox under the password box when you login will keep you logged in for a whole year.

Private Messenger
Now you can easily reply to your private messages easily. (How did that get missed out? )

Avatar 4th October 2021


Welcome to the new

Hello and Welcome to the all new (It only took 12 years)

With over 7000 fully playable DOS games, Save game support, and a better design, DOS Gamer is now easier to use than ever. This has been a two year project and a complete rewrite. The site has not previously been changed since 2008.

DOS Gamer is the community for DOS games, play DOS Games, interact with other users, use groups to ask other members questions.

Have an idea or suggestion? Post in the suggest group.

Happy Gaming DOS Gamers.