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Thursday, 23rd March 2023


Screenshot group tweaks

You can now click a screenshot thumbnail and see the full-size image, instead of a list of low resolution thumbnails.

Clicking the full-size image leads to the games actual page.

Monday, 9th January 2023


3 'New' Games

Just published 3 new games, these have been sat queued for months. There are over 700 unpublished games and also further uploads yet to be processed.

The three new games are 4 Way Brick Breaker, Bicycle Holiday and Emerald Hunt.

Saturday, 24th December 2022


Update Roundup

For those not following DOS Gamer Groups, or who like their DOS Gamer news in one large Zeitgeist, here we go ..

Cool new feature
See the contents of zip file downloads, along with a visual hint to games correct executable file.

Star ratings are back
They won't replace likes. But will provide two useful data points for possible future uses.

Notification changes
  • There is now a 'Mini' notifications popup, with a 'mark notifications as read' option. (Hover mouse over the bell)
  • Delete notifications on the notifications page.  

New Groups
Screenshot gallery group. (read only) - A showcase of user submitted screenshots
Game bug report group (read only) - A group collating all bug reports (and their current status) in one place.

Animated Gifs and Screenshots
Many performance tweaks have been made to screenshot animations including chronological frame order, better caching and faster delivery. At the time of writing 2490 screenshots have been submitted and 803 animations created.

Game Histories
The 'handy menu' on the top right corner now has play history and download history sections.

Finally, the best news.
DOS Gamer now has a shiny new server .. Sofi approves

Wednesday, 14th December 2022


Best High Score Ever? Screenshot ... or it never happened!

An exciting new feature today, you can publish your DOS Game screenshots directly to DOS Gamer from the DOS Game emulator.
You don't even need an account! Just click the screenshot button. You can optionally save your own copy too. The screenshot will be shared on the games page automatically.

Saturday, 10th December 2022


Private Account Mode

Private Account Mode
Don't want your gaming history public? No Problem set your account to private mode on the edit profile page.

New Menu
Added a handy drop down menu, on the upper right corner where your username is displayed, to access/edit your profile and Log out.

Happy DOSember

Saturday, 26th November 2022



Remember the old version of DOS Gamer? What about the original 1999 design?  Whether for nostalgia or curiosity, check out all 5 themes today.

Monday, 24th October 2022


RTEd and Flash Games

Have you seen 'Our Ted' ?

RTEd is the Dos Gamer HTML Rich text Editor. Used in DOS Gamer Groups, Comment Forms and Private Messaging. It allows you to format text, and layout. Insert pictures and attach files.

RTed has received a few new features including:

Minor Icon tweaks.
Printing Support.
Save messages as HTML files*.
Open saved messages*.
Saved files can be accesssed in /My Files/

* This is not hosting and your saved files can only be retrieved by you, you can't hotlink to them.

Flash Games

The recent addition of flash games has proven to be immensely popular. Leading to a quite a surge in traffic, who knew Flash games were so popular Cool. A slight update today, added a 'Top Searches' section. Currently curating more games to add soon. 

Sunday, 16th October 2022


Bug Reports

All games now have a Bug report feature, To ensure every game works perfectly.

Please use this in place of the comments. 

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