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Todays Top Technology News  
     Thu 19 October 2017

The Atlantic

Insects Are In Serious Trouble
The Atlantic
The bottles were getting emptier: That was the first sign that something awful was happening. Since 1989, scientists from the Entomological Society Krefeld had been collecting insects in the nature reserves and protected areas of western Germany. They ...
Study: Insect populations in Germany decline 75-percentwtvr.com
Flying insects aren't getting splattered on your windshield anymore — and scientists are concernedNational Post
Flying insect numbers plunge by 75% in three years, study showsEvening Standard
Mother Nature Network (blog) -Seeker -BGR -Common Dreams
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The science of puppy dog eyes
Every dog owner is familiar with the 'puppy dog eyes' expression. As the inner brow lifts, the eyes get bigger and bigger … It's tempting to interpret this as a plea from a sad dog for a scrap of the family dinner. Now, a small study provides support ...
Dogs are trying to communicate with us, even if we don't know it, new study suggestsThe Independent
Yes, your dog is making puppy eyes at youPopular Science
Puppies are body language experts who can manipulate owners, say scientistsGeo News, Pakistan
Newsline -The Conversation UK -Telegraph.co.uk -The Guardian
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Business Standard

Facebook and Google helped anti-refugee campaign in swing states
Business Standard
A screenshot from a Secure America Now video. The big tech firms worked closely with Secure America Now to target an audience that could be swayed by the message photo: Secure America NOW ...
Facebook, Google had role in anti-refugee ad campaign in swing statesSiliconBeat
Facebook VP Comments On Russian Election Scandal, 'Sometimes Bad Things Happen'EconoTimes
How Russia's election meddling could spell the end of an era for Facebook, Google and TwitterThe Independent
Vox -USA TODAY -NBCNews.com -U.S. News & World Report
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The Guardian

Discovery of 50km cave raises hopes for human colonisation of moon
The Guardian
Scientists have fantasised for centuries about humans colonising the moon. That day may have drawn a little closer after Japan's space agency said it had discovered an enormous cave beneath the lunar surface that could be turned into an exploration ...
Scientists Detect Massive Caverns on Moon That Could House ColonyExtremeTech
A Giant Cave on the Moon Could Host Lunar SettlersDiscover Magazine (blog)
Scientists found a moon cave that's big enough to be an astronaut baseQuartz
National Post -CTV News -Orlando Sentinel -The Independent
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Reuters UK

'Anaemic' iPhone 8 demand drags Apple shares lower
Reuters UK
(Reuters) - Signs of poor demand for the iPhone 8 fuelled more questions on Thursday over Apple Inc's (AAPL.O) strategy of releasing two phones within months of each other in 2017, sending its shares almost 3 percent lower. One of the first customers ...
Apple's enterprise strategy begins to take shapeTechCrunch
The iPhone 8 isn't looking so greatMashable
The best phones under $250Engadget
ZDNet -Fortune -CNET -TheStreet.com
all 216 news articles »


How to View Uranus Without a Telescope as It Nears Earth Tonight
From about 1.7 billion miles away, Sky-gazers will have a good chance of seeing the icy planet Uranus Thursday night — without the help of a telescope. Uranus is making its closest approach to our planet, NASA says, and because it will be sandwiched ...
When is the best time to see Uranus in YOUR area tonight? Time, map and path of planetExpress.co.uk
Uranus will be visible in the night sky to the naked eye and this is when it will happenLiverpool Echo
Opposition of Uranus: Icy Planet Will Be Visible to the Naked Eye Tonight—Here's How to See ItNewsweek
Orlando Sentinel -Chicago Daily Herald -Metro -AOL
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The Nintendo Switch Outsold Both Xbox One And PS4 Last Month
I write about video games and technology. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Credit: Ubisoft. Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. For years, the NPD report was largely a contest between two manufacturers: Microsoft and Sony, duking it ...
FIFA 18 is the biggest justification for the Nintendo Switch yetWired.co.uk
Nintendo just added a bunch of crucial features to the Switch — here's the rundownBusiness Insider
Nintendo Switch update also adds wireless headset supportPolygon
TrustedReviews -TechRadar -Telegraph.co.uk -Ars Technica
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The Guardian

'It's able to create knowledge itself': Google unveils AI that learns on its own
The Guardian
In a major breakthrough for artificial intelligence, AlphaGo Zero took just three days to master the ancient Chinese board game of Go ... with no human help. Go boardgame. AlphaGo Zero beat its 2015 predecessor, which vanquished grandmaster Lee Sedol, ...
Google creates AI that can teach itself and isn't 'constrained by the limits of human knowledge'The Independent
DeepMind's Go-playing AI doesn't need human help to beat us anymoreThe Verge
Stunning AI Breakthrough Takes Us One Step Closer to the SingularityGizmodo
Daily Mail -WIRED -Mashable -Quartz
all 95 news articles »
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