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There are 316  Other Flash Games, available on DOS Gamer.

(Bike) Wheelers

Ride the bike and race around the track


Time your jumps to bounce 1-i into the flying green blobs.

2 Ball Pool

Hit the balls as many times as you can in the time allotted

2 Many Bugs

Draw lines around the bugs to capture them.

2000 UR Net. Cup Racing

Cat racing betting game - select your favorite and see who is winning

3 Finder

Find the order of balls asked in the ring.

3 Foot Ninja

An extremely good fighting game.

3D Pool

Sink as many balls as you can before time runs out.

501 Darts

Reach exactly zero in as few throws as possible.


Click on the groups to remove them before time runs out!

Acne Be Gone

99 seconds but a zit aint one! Pop all the pimples on this guys face before time is up.


Bounce the balls on your head. Try and keep them all in the air without them falling!

Aircraft Lander

Fly the plane around with left and right arrow keys and land it on the airport runway when all your fuel runs out.


Place the magical runes on the board and turn them into gold to advance to the next level.

Alien Dash

Try and cross the street without getting hit before you are out of time.

Alphabet Soup

Quickly click the falling letters to form a word.


Grab as many orchids as you can in the time alotted. The faster you get the orchids, the more points you get.

Angel Run

Keep the darling little angel away from the devils.

Answering Machine

Select the different messages and play them back for your phone.

Ant Ken-Do

Japanese style ant samurai warriors fighting game.

Anti Shanti

Bounce and juggle the three balls back and forth but don't drop one.

As Told by Ginger

Color the objects on the screen.

Ask Guru Joe

Ask Guru Joe questions about life, romance, business, etc that can be answered with 'Yes' or 'No'

Assault Part 3

Avoid the cameras and make your way through the enemy base.

Astro Boy

avoid/destroy the astroids in order to survive!

Astroboy vs Bad Storm

Fly astro boy through space destroy asteroids before they hit you.

Ball Bounce

Bounce the ball through the level.


This is the introduction to Banja


Time your jump nicely, if not you will be paralysed by the barbed wire!


Fly Barty Dropping Bones Watch for the butterflys

316 Other Flash Games

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