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Blood and Magic is currently download only.

Blood and Magic is download only, because file size is 42 MB.

Copyright: © 1996 Interplay Productions Ltd. (1 Title)
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.0 Hacked/grafitti version 1, Bad version 1 (possibly best dump available),
Filesize: 42 MB
Genre(s): Strategy
Screenshots: 1
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Zip Contents: ( 44218419 bytes
1.BNK 1.HMP 1.MID 1.WAV 15.SMK 2.BNK 20.SCR 20.SMK 30.SCR 30.SMK 3502.SCR 3502.SMK 3520.SCR 3520.SMK 3525.SCR 3525.SMK 3530.SCR 3530.SMK 3540.SCR 3540.SMK 3545.SCR 3545.SMK 3550.SCR 3550.SMK 3555.SCR 3555.SMK 3564.SCR 3564.SMK 3575.SCR 3575.SMK 3590.SCR 3590.SMK 3594.SCR 3594.SMK 3598.SCR 3598.SMK 3605.SCR 3605.SMK 3610.SCR 3610.SMK 3614.SCR 3614.SMK 3618.SCR 3618.SMK 3625.SCR 3625.SMK 3635.SCR 3635.SMK 3645.SCR 3645.SMK 3650.SCR 3650.SMK 3655.SCR 3655.SMK 3662.SCR 3662.SMK 3666.SCR 3666.SMK 3670.SCR 3670.SMK 3674.SMK 3680.SMK 3687.SCR 3687.SMK 3696.SCR 3696.SMK 3700.SCR 3700.SMK 3705.SCR 3705.SMK 3712.SCR 3712.SMK 3716.SCR 3716.SMK 3720.SCR 3720.SMK 3725.SCR 3725.SMK 3735.SCR 3735.SMK 3745.SCR 3745.SMK 3755.SCR 3755.SMK 3760.SCR 3760.SMK 3765.SCR 3765.SMK 3775.SCR 3775.SMK 3780.SCR 3780.SMK 3785.SCR 3785.SMK 3790.SCR 3790.SMK 3800.SCR 3800.SMK 3805.SCR 3805.SMK 3815.SCR 3815.SMK BAM.EXE CAMPAIGN.DAT CINES.MAP CINES.STF DOS4GW.EXE GRVDET.EXE HMICARDS.386 HMIDET.386 HMIDRV.386 HMIMDRV.386 HYBRID.EXE LOADPATS.EXE MAIN.MAP MAIN.STF MAP.IDX MONO.CAP NETNOW.INI PATCHES.INI RES_CFG.HPP SILLY.EXE SNDSET2.EXE SNDSET2.INI SNDSETUP.BAT SOUND.CFG TEST.HMP TEST.RAW

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