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Copyright: © 1993 K.A. Bjorke
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.0
Filesize: 24 KB
Genre(s): Simulation
Likes: 67 Likes
Last Played: A few days ago in Brazil

CELLS is a game of tiny cells in a one-dimensional 'tube', each cell lives or dies depending on the number of its neighbors -- in this case, the cell and the two neighbors on either side of it (a total of five) make up the neighborhood -- if there are two or four cells, the cell lives, or a new cell may be born. If not, the cell dies.<br><br>The minimal rules make CELLS possibly the simplest 'self or-ganizing system' yet discovered, and thus is of interest to fans of finite-state automata theory, as well as those of us who just like the shifting patterns the cells create.

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