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Centurion- Defender of Rome

DOS Games » C Games » Centurion- Defender of Rome

Copyright: © 1990 Electronic Arts, Inc.
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.00B [MCGA-only] Hacked/grafitti version 1
Filesize: 658 KB
Genre(s): Action Adventure Strategy
Likes: 387 Likes
Last Played: A few days ago in Netherlands by Corwin

Centurion: Defender of Rome Review 1: Veni, vidi, vici! Julius Cesar That's what You have to do - conquer the "Old world". You start with one legion in Rome (whose people are very restless in the beginning). The game offers a lot - battles, diplomacy, entertainment for people (arcade part of the game in which You race chariots or fight gladiators)... Each country You attack is represented by it's historical leader and sometimes You may even make them join You without fight! In the part that covers battle you control everything - starting formation of Your armies, their orders, special orders, retreats... Just be careful not to lose leader or Your troop's morale will drop. Great strategy game.

Review 2: One of my favourite themes in any computer game. Centurion takes place during the time when the Roman Empire was about the rule most of the world. Your mission in Centurion is to build up the Roman Empire further and to conquer the rest of Europe and the northern part of Africa. Your enemies are mostly just the national armies in each country you attack. During battle you start by use a formation for your infantry (this was what the Romans were very famous for). Once you have given your command the battle will run pretty much automatically but you can interrupt your units somewhat but they don't always react the way you want. While you are attacking other countries you will have to keep the citizens happy with reasonable taxes, setup entertainment and other things. The entertainment can consist of wagon races or gladiator fights where you control one of the people participating (your performance will only have very little effect on the actual game). You can buy new armies including ships so you can move armies faster to both Great Britain and Africa. You can also get more units and if you manage to get enough money you can actually get a very large army where only few can harm you. The game interface is very easy to use and it's not very difficult to keep a hold of the few options you can do with your cities (there are so few features that it might even had been better if they removed this part of the game completely as it seems unfinished). But the game offers nice detailed graphics and at certain parts of the game the atmosphere is really great like when you have to give thumbs up or down at the end of a gladiator fight. Overall a great game taking place in one of the most interesting periods of history and offering a bunch of great features and shows how action and strategy elements can be mixed together and still succeed.

Review 3: This one is one of the games which gave me most entertainment, EVER. Basically, you have to repeat the history of the ancient Roman Empire(so you can guess one of the motives i like this game ;-) conquering the whole europe. The real cause i love this game, though, is for its sheer amount of details, in battles, for instance, each general has a charisma and a "voice" value, and these influence how the troopers will react to his commands, and if they actually EAR his orders. Of course you won't have only battles to do, but you'll have to take care of your population's morale, and it will be hard to avoid uprisings in many regions of the vast empire you will conquer... at your disposal, to this pourpouse, you will have many shows, two of them will be playable: Chariots and Gladiator Show, adding to this component two "sub-games" that will ease you stress from one battle to the next. Technically, the game's perfect: graphics are clean, but the most amazing thing is that the sound supports automatically even the most recent of sound cards, truly amazing; download this game, you won't be disappointed. P.S.: Inside the archive you'll find the copy protection codes, no crack, sorry.

Review 4: An entertaining game with bits of adventure elements (for example, at some point you'll get to meet Cleopatra and try to-- erm-- win her favor), this game is reminiscent of the old Cinemaware classic Defender of the Crown for its strong emphasis on fun over historical realism. (Not surprisingly, since it's designed by the same designer, ex-Cinemaware Kellyn Beck). As official of the Roman Empire, you must manage armies, calm rebellious citizens, and conquer neighboring countries. Rome wasn't built in a day, but win enough chariot races, and you might be able to do it in a matter of weeks ;)

Review 5: Another great strategy game. You're the leader of the Roman empire and you lead your army to victory! Defeat Carthago and all other countries around you. Build a fleet, select people from the defeated countries to join your army or build new armies. Use different strategies to defeat other armies. Help your army with fighting. One of the best strategy games I know. A must for all strategy fans.

Review 6: You're a roman emperor and you have to conquer the world through brutal force but also some diplomacy will come around the corner of the game. The VGA-graphics and gameplay are superb.

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