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Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.0
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Genre(s): Action
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About Chex Quest 2

A great sequel to one of the best marketing gimmicks of all time, Chex Quest 2 is more of an "add-on" to the original Chex Quest than a true sequel, because it requires that the original be installed in order to play. As opposed to the original game which was included free in selective boxes of Chex cereal, Chex Quest 2 was available exclusively from the official website, and only within a limited time. In this game, you are still a giant piece of cereal, and your mission is still to kill a wide variety of strange, green soggy creatures known as "Flemoids," probably ex-Chex pieces which were transported through the Milk Dimension and came back mutated and dripping. You have numerous super-powerful weapons at your disposal, all with vomit-inducing names like the "Zorcher," the "Rapid Zorcher," and the ultra-powerful "Phasing Zorcher." With these weapons, you are able to return the Flemoids to their home dimension, never to return to Earth again. Gameplay is still hilarious, fun, and quite addictive, although much more frustrating than the first Chex Quest due to significantly harder difficulty level. Great fun for all fans of the first game who are prepared for addition challenge.

Chex Quest 2 Cheats

Effect: Bootspork and "Eat Chex"
When:During gameplay

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