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Copyright: © 1997 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (4 Titles)
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.0
Filesize: 31 MB
Genre(s): Simulation Strategy
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About Constructor

Constructor is a fun, tongue-in-cheek business simulation in the same style as MicroProse's early classic Pizza Tycoon. Essentially, Constructor takes the empire building and resource management of the best simulations and adds to it a strong dose of character interaction, humor, and strategic competition. Take the role of a real estate developer in a race to build up and manage resources, properties, environments, and human interaction, while trying to outperform and destroy rival development firms. The game is played from an isometric perspective, with you looking at the town and people milling around in it, similar to SimTown. You need to build houses and facilities to get your raw material like wood and concrete. While playing you have to get rid of whining tenants, cucarachas, your opponents and their attacks to destroy your buildings. There are a total of 40 different structures that you can create in the game. These range from steel mills and pawn shops to more elaborate structures like police stations and mansions. What makes Constructor a lot of fun is the quirky personalities of people in the game. Similar to many Bullfrog games such as Theme Park, people in Constructor are a nitpicking lot. Tenants require a constant attention from you. If they don't like something or are unhappy, they will complain and cause you to get black marks if you don't tend to their needs. If you get really fed up with certain tenants, you could raise their rent or simply kick them out. This can cause negative things to happen. For example, if you kick a tenant out who is not too happy, they may damage or destroy certain parts of your property on their way out. To make things more complicated, you always have to watch your back (and your land) for sneaky competitors who will try to sabotage your business... by setting fires to the houses for example. As good as the single player game is, the game also offers excellent multiplayer options. Up to four people can compete, making resources and time management more important than ever. With a twist of humor and well-balanced gameplay, Studio 3 has created a real old game in Constructor. The economics model is sound, and the gameplay always fresh, funny, and engaging. Highly recommended, especially to anyone who enjoys Pizza Tycoon or Bullfrog's games.

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