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Copyright: © 1991 Software 2000
Platform: DOS
Language:  English
Version: 1.0
Filesize: 203 KB
Genre(s): Strategy
Likes: 279 Likes

A fun variation of popular Rubik's Cube, Cubulus features attractive graphics and simple yet potentially addictive gameplay. The goal is simple: use the up and down arrow keys next to each row of colored blocks to match their pattern to the given one in the lower left corner. There's a time limit to each level, so you have to be fast. At higher difficulty levels (there are 4 total), the game gets extremely difficult as there are literrally hundreds of blocks on the screen, with dozens of rows and columns you must contend with. A two-player mode is available, but it is not fun as both players just take turns instead of competing against each other in a split-screen mode. Overall, a fun game that's perfect for fans of Rubik's Cube, but is too derivative to hold anyone's interest for long.

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