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Haunted Halloween


Halloween Harry

Year 1989 DOS Games

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There are 779 DOS games from 1989 listed on DOS Gamer.

007- Licence to Kill
©1989 Domark Ltd..

1st Person Pinball
©1989 Tynesoft

21 For 1 To 4
©1989 John Klein

3 Weighs
©1989 Dave Dethlefs

386 Spys
©1989 Genki Software Corporation

688 Attack Sub
©1989 Electronic Arts, Inc.

7 Card Stud
©1989 The WorkWare Co.

A Dudley Dilemna
©1989 Lane Barrow

A Nightmare on Elm Street
©1989 Monarch Development

A10 Tank Killer Enhanced
©1989 Dynamix

ABC Fun Keys
©1989 Courtney E. Krehbiel

ABC Monday Night Football (demo)
©1989 Data East Corporation

Abrams Battle Tank
©1989 Electronic Arts, Inc.

©1989 George Leritte

Ack! Man
©1989 Carey Nash

Action Fighter
©1989 Firebird Software Ltd., Kixx

Action In The North Atlantic
©1989 General Quarters Software

Action Stations! - Automatic Scenario Generator
©1989 RAW Entertainment, Inc.

©1989 Scott Emmons

Addiction of Ularn, The
©1989 Satyr

Advanced Robot War
©1989 Kevin L. Shelton

Adventure Fun-Pak
©1989 Apogee Software, Ltd.

Adventure in the Magic Land
©1989 Kevin L. Shelton

Adventurers Museum, The - Legacy of the Necromancer - Part I
©1989 Lee Chapel

African Raiders-01
©1989 Coktel Vision

After Burner II
©1989 SEGA Enterprises Ltd.

After the War
©1989 Dinamic Software

©1989 Cutlass Software

©1989 SLC Unlimited

Alge-Blaster Plus! (demo)
©1989 Davidson & Associates

Alice in Wonderland
©1989 R.C. Johnson

Alien Syndrome
©1989 SEGA Enterprises Ltd.

Alien Worlds
©1989 Shannon Larratt

©1989 Speter Software

All Dogs Go to Heaven
©1989 Merit Software

All New Family Feud
©1989 ShareData, Inc.

Alpine Tram Ride
©1989 Merit Software

Alpine Tram Ride v1.3
©1989 Merit Software

©1989 Wizard Games

©1989 Richard W. Adams

American States, The
©1989 Hubbard C. Goodrich

Ancient Art of War, The (EGA)
©1989 Broderbund Software, Inc.

Any Sports Team Management
©1989 Pat Rankin

Apache Strike
©1989 Activision, Inc.

©1989 Domark Software, Inc.

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