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Haunted Halloween


Halloween Harry

Year 1990 DOS Games

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There are 549 DOS games from 1990 listed on DOS Gamer.

©1990 E. Pristupa

3D Pool
©1990 MicroPlay Software

4d Boxing Deluxe
©1990 Electronic Arts Inc

4D Sports - Driving
©1990 Mindscape International Ltd.

4D Sports - Tennis
©1990 Mindscape, Inc.

9 Poker
©1990 Softstar

A la poursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le monde
©1990 Broderbund Software, Inc.

©1990 Unknown

©1990 Master-Ware

Advanced Destroyer Simulator
©1990 Futura

Adventure (350 point)
©1990 Willie Crowther, Don Woods, Don Ekman

Adventure (551pt Enhanced Version)
©1990 Magnus Olsson

Adventure in C
©1990 Bob Withers

Adventures in NMR II
©1990 Douglas P. Burum - Bruker Instruments, Inc.

Adventures of Lance, The
©1990 Michael P. Miller & Margaret J. Ganzberger

Adventures of Pioneer-girl Ksenya
©1990 Insight Corp.

African Trail Simulator
©1990 Positive

©1990 Expert Source Code, Inc.

Air Strike Usa
©1990 Cinemaware

Air Warrior
©1990 Kesmai Corporation

Airstrike USA
©1990 Spotlight Software

©1990 Unknown

Alive Sharks
©1990 Alive Software

All Point Bulletin
©1990 Unknown

Alpha Waves
©1990 Infogrames

Altered Beast
©1990 SEGA Enterprises Ltd.

Altered Destiny
©1990 Accolade, Inc.

©1990 Yong Choi

Amazing Spider-Man, The
©1990 Paragon Software Corporation

American Civil War, The
©1990 W. R. Hutsell

Amo del Mundo
©1990 Positive Software

Anacreon- Reconstruction 4021
©1990 Thinking Machine Associates

©1990 Randy H. Smith

Angel 3
©1990 JAST Co., Ltd.

Angel Nieto Pole 500
©1990 Opera Soft S.A.

Animal Game, The
©1990 Peter Donnelly

Animated Alphabet, The
©1990 Flix Productions

Ante-Up at the Friday Night Poker Club
©1990 ComputerEasy

Apples and Oranges
©1990 Expert Source Code, Inc.

Asterix Ed Il Colpo Del Menhir
©1990 Loriciel

At The Dog Track
©1990 David Bernazzani

©1990 Psygnosis Limited

Atomino (demo)
©1990 Psygnosis Limited

©1990 Thalion Software

Atomix Thalion
©1990 Freeware

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