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Haunted Halloween


Halloween Harry

Year 1995 DOS Games

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There are 356 DOS games from 1995 listed on DOS Gamer.

1830- Railroads & Robber Barons
©1995 The Avalon Hill Game Company

2FAST4YOU - Das Superheisse Bi-Fi Race
©1995 Art Department

3D Cyber Puck
©1995 Homebrew Software

3D Lemmings (2HD Demo)
©1995 Psygnosis Limited

3D Lemmings CD Demo
©1995 Psygnosis Ltd.

3D Lemmings Winterland
©1995 Psygnosis Limited

3-D Pitfall
©1995 J. Shramko

©1995 Microtech AG

3x3 Eyes - Sanjiyan Henjyo (Uncut)
©1995 Nihon Create, SKC Soft Land

4 to Save Toon Land
©1995 PPPTeam

©1995 Lee Min Sik

©1995 Family Production

A Matter of Time
©1995 Michael Zerbo

Achtung, Die Kurve
©1995 Filip Oscadal, Kamil Dolezal

©1995 Plbm

Ack-Ack Attack!
©1995 Kurt W. Dekker

Acrobatic Flight Simulator
©1995 Gemsoft

Action Soccer
©1995 Ubi Soft Entertainment Software

Advanced Civilization
©1995 The Avalon Hill Game Company

Advanced Civilization Beta
©1995 The Avalon Hill Game Company

Adventure v2.5
©1995 Don Woods

Adventures in the Old Testament
©1995 Stacy Mueller

Adventures of Vardit on the Chocolate Trail, The
©1995 Vered Hagalil

Agent Mlicnak
©1995 Metropolis Software House

Airlift Rescue
©1995 Softek Development

Alex Dampier Pro Hockey 95 (demo)
©1995 Merit Studios (Europe

Alien Force
©1995 Unknown

©1995 Jeffrey R. Olson

Amaranth III
©1995 Fuga System, Tan Ton Nerw Information Co. Ltd.

Amazon Snake
©1995 Riku Jarvensivu

Ambush at South Range II
©1995 Molnar - Kucalaba Productions

Amt, Das
©1995 Greenwood Entertainment Software GmbH

An Ch`i Sheng Shou (Virtuoso Chess)
©1995 Chi Ton Software

An Underground Adventure
©1995 Mark J. Welch

Anatema- Legenda o Prekliati
©1995 Rune Software

©1995 Unknown

Andromedas Erbe - Teil II - Der wahre Sieg
©1995 Thomas Dingel, Roger23

Animated Old Testament, The
©1995 Flix Productions

Another Pool
©1995 Gerrit Jahn

Ansi Dude
©1995 Vectorscope Software

Ant Farm
©1995 Michael Riley

Ant Man
©1995 Namil Soft

©1995 Benjamin Peterson

©1995 Jaakko Lyytinen

©1995 Raynald Marcoux

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