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Year 2002 DOS Games

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There are 85 DOS games from 2002 listed on DOS Gamer.

Ahib el Mushman II- Building Trouble

©2002 Pc72

Ahib el Mushman- The Oil Adventure

©2002 Pc72

Another DG Game- I want my C64 back

©2002 Robin Gravel

ASCII Invaders

©2002 Corey Mercer

Atte 3 Alpha

©2002 AlexSoft

Big Mac PC

©2002 BB Software

Bikester Omega II

©2002 Agamemnus


©2002 Martina Pau'ulu

Bozula Block Buster

©2002 Johan Olofsson

Brick Jumper! II

©2002 Master Raven 2002

Cash Invaders

©2002 Bas de Reuver

Chaos in Space!

©2002 Richard Kelly


©2002 Nicholas Perre-Wetherall

Chimaera vC1.001

©2002 Chris Newall

Coin, The

©2002 Jim Theodoropoylos

Collector Guy

©2002 Tandem Software

Comet b.46

©2002 Ulrich Turke

Conquests of the Longbow- The Legend of Robin Hood [Tr Es]

©2002 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Dark Quest

©2002 Lachie Dazdarian

Dark Woods

©2002 Jocke The Beast

Dark Woods 2

©2002 Jocke The Beast

Dark Woods 2 Remake

©2002 BlueSckR

De vrek

©2002 Tony de Wit, Stefan de Bruijn

Del otro lado

©2002 Jarel

Diamond Crash

©2002 Lukman H.

Dream Prisoner

©2002 Procurion 9

Dutch Dapper IV- The Final Voyage

©2002 Harry Hol

Earth Shaker PC

©2002 David Pegg

Edge of the Abyss

©2002 Tony Ash

El ultimo aventurero

©2002 Antonio Marquez Marin

EyAngband v.0.4.6

©2002 Eytan Zweig

Femme Fatality

©2002 Ragnarok Personal Gaming

Fine Tuned

©2002 Dennis Jerz


©2002 John Augustine


©2002 Fro Moe Software

Game of Robot, The

©2002 TOM Productions

Geniuss Puzzle Pack

©2002 Nephewsoft

Ghini Run

©2002 Marcus Kasumba

Hanks Quest- Slachtoffer Van Het Gebeuren

©2002 Femo Duo Entertainment

Hanks Quest- Victim of Society

©2002 Femo Duo Entertainment

Hanks Quest- Victim of Society v1.81

©2002 Femo Duo Entertainment

Hunt, The

©2002 Terry Cavanagh

Joselkiller demo

©2002 BoMbErGaMeS Soft

Kingdom Without End

©2002 Shannon Cochran

KMS Chapter 1

©2002 Bulma Produktions

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