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Do Ad blockers break websites?

Yes, Web pages are broken as a result of ad blockers, because Ad blockers don't just stop ads from appearing on a page; they also cause problems with the page's scripts. This impairs its functionality, and gives you a poor browsing experience. You may notice some missing content or even error messages.
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Are Ad blockers a privacy risk?

Yes, Ad blockers jeopardise the privacy of your browser data because many ad blockers transfer information about your surfing habits to a third-party server that pays them for it. This means they can keep track of every page you visit. Millions of surfers are being tracked without their knowledge, using this strategy. This contradicts the privacy that they espouse.
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Don't Ad Blockers improve the online experience?

Not really, in theory an ad blocker should improves your online experience. However, with an ad blocker installed, loading time might be slightly improved, but if the website you're visiting becomes unusable, the purpose of the ad blocker becomes pointless. As well as exposing your browsing habits to third parties.
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Do Ad Blockers stop you viewing content?

Yes. Ad Blockers stop you from viewing high-quality content because advertising is a significant source of revenue for creators of online content. That revenue is used to compensate for the time spent creating high-quality content for you, the end-user. The creators will suffer financially as a result of ad blockers, prompting them to produce low-quality content because they will lack the resources to do otherwise.
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Do Ad Blockers cause you to lose websites?

Yes. When you view online content, you are essentially entering into an unwritten agreement with the website owner that you will also accept the advertisements that pay for it. The site would be forced to close if these ads were blocked. As a result, you would also lose a resource that you previously relied on.
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How do I disable my Ad blocker?

If you need help to disable an ad blocker Read this FAQ
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