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Haunted Halloween


Halloween Harry

Year 1987 DOS Games

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There are 435 DOS games from 1987 listed on DOS Gamer.

10th Frame
©1987 Access Software, Inc.

18 Hole Miniature Golf
©1987 Unknown

1998 Amerika vA.01
©1987 Pasadena Software

221 B Baker St.
©1987 Datasoft, Inc.

3-D Helicopter Simulator
©1987 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

©1987 Lee Griffin

7 Spirits of Ra
©1987 Sir-Tech Software, Inc.

Abadia del Crimen, La
©1987 Opera Soft

Ace 2
©1987 Artronic Limited

ACE- Air Combat Emulator
©1987 Spinnaker Software Corporation

Ace of Aces
©1987 Accolade, Inc.

Ace of Aces (EGA)
©1987 Accolade, Inc.

Ace Of Aces 2
©1987 Accolade

©1987 Topologika Software Ltd.

Advanced Flight Trainer
©1987 Electronic Arts Inc

Advanced Math Shop
©1987 Scholastic, Inc.

©1987 Willie Crowther, Kevin B. Black

Adventure vB00
©1987 Steve Dover

©1987 Microdeal

Aldos Adventure
©1987 David and Benjamin Ibach

Alien Fires- 2199 AD
©1987 Paragon Software Corporation

All About the States
©1987 Datamark Corporation

Americas cup
©1987 Free Game Blot

Amys First Primer
©1987 Computing Specialties

Ancient Art of War at Sea, The
©1987 Broderbund Software, Inc.

Annas Gram
©1987 Softdisk Publishing

Apollo Mission Simulator
©1987 Albert H. Reynolds III

Arcade Bonanza
©1987 Keypunch Software, Inc.

Asterix And The Magic Carpet
©1987 Coktel Vision

Asterix im Morgenland
©1987 Coktel Vision

©1987 Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.

©1987 Rudeware

Aussie Joker Poker
©1987 Mindscape, Inc.

Avoid the Awful Thing that Vaguely Resembles a Banana!!
©1987 Curtis Smith

©1987 ShareData, Inc.

Bad Street Brawler
©1987 Mindscape, Inc.

Basketball Challenge
©1987 Xor Corporation

Battle Ship Entertainment Software
©1987 Nguyen Dang, Anh Dung, P.A. Kelly

©1987 Mike Keeney

Battleship Bismarck
©1987 General Quarters Software

Bermuda Square
©1987 Xor Corporation

Beyond Zork The Coconut Of Quendor
©1987 Infocom

Beyond Zork- The Coconut of Quendor
©1987 Infocom, Inc.

Big Birds Special Delivery
©1987 Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.

Big Blue Disk #03
©1987 Softdisk Publishing

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