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There are 172  French DOS games listed on DOS Gamer.

3D Construction Kit

©1991 Incentive Software Ltd.

3D Trek

©1992 Scott Douglas

3D World Boxing

©1993 Simulmondo

3D World Tennis

©1992 Simulmondo

7 Colors

©1991 Infogrames Europe SA

A la poursuite de Carmen Sandiego dans le monde

©1990 Broderbund Software, Inc.

Aces Over Europe

©1993 Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Action Sports Soccer

©1992 MicroLeague Sports

Advanced Galactic Empire

©1991 Coktel Vision

Adventures of Robin Hood, The (EGA)

©1992 Millennium Interactive Ltd.

Adventures of Robin Hood, The (VGA)

©1992 Millennium Interactive Ltd.

Adventures of Tintin- Prisoners of the Sun, The

©1997 Infogrames Europe SA

Alex Dampier Pro Hockey 95 (demo)

©1995 Merit Studios (Europe

Alex Higgins' World Pool

©1993 Amstrad

Alex Higgins' World Snooker

©1986 Amstrad

Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America, The - Doctor Doom's Revenge

©1991 Paragon Software Corporation

Amazing Spider-Man, The

©1990 Paragon Software Corporation

America's cup

©1987 Free Game Blot

Another World (demo)

©1991 Delphine Software International


©1992 Softdisk Publishing

Armaeth I

©1991 Editions du Dolmen

Baby Jo in- Going Home

©1991 Loriciel SA

Baby Type

©1993 DOKA Company

Backgammon Royale

©1990 Oxford Softworks

Ball Game, The

©1991 Electronic Zoo

Bataille pour Sirius

©1992 Softdisk Publishing

Battle Command

©1990 Ocean Software Ltd.

BC Racers

©1995 Front Street Publishing


©1993 Unknown

Beneath a Steel Sky

©1994 Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Beneath a Steel Sky v0.303

©1994 Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Billiards Simulator

©1989 ERE Informatique


©1987 Infogrames Multimedia SA

Bob Morane- Chevalerie 1

©1987 Infogrames Multimedia SA

Bob Morane- Jungle 1

©1987 Infogrames Multimedia SA


©1993 Mediagogo

Bridge 2000

©1991 Oxford softworks


©1991 Image Works


©1992 Impressions

Call of Cthulhu- Shadow of the Comet

©1993 Infogrames Europe SA

Captain Safety


Casino Poker II

©1993 Softdisk France

Castle Master

©1990 Domark Software, Inc.

Charge of the Light Brigade, The

©1991 Impressions

Chess Player 2150

©1990 Oxford softworks

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