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Year 1996 DOS Games

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There are 226 DOS games from 1996 listed on DOS Gamer.

101 Dalmations Puzzle

©1996 Unknown

15x15 Picture Puzzle

©1996 Freeware


©1996 Alexander Gogava

2601 Diguo Lianhe Jiandui (2601 Imperial Combined Fleet)

©1996 Nexus Interact Corp., 3G Group

3D Dungeon RPG Maker

©1996 MIR Game & Communication

3-D TableSports

©1996 Time Warner Interactive Ltd.

3D Tetris

©1996 Opiate Productions

4K Adventure (4KA)

©1996 John Metcalf

5 x 5 Wygrajmy razem

©1996 Pawel Kolega

Abmis the Lion

©1996 Button Software

Absolute Pinball

©1996 21st Century Entertainment Ltd.


©1996 ISXEM Games

Aces High- The True Air Duel Simulator

©1996 Cadaver

Age of Rifles

©1996 John Eberhardt

Akeulugseuui Moheom (Adventure of Acrux)

©1996 Screen Adventure Book

Alex David - Bane of Suburbia

©1996 Ryan Doromal

Alien Incident

©1996 GameTek, Inc.

Alien Rampage

©1996 Softdisk Publishing

Alien Trilogy

©1996 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.

Angelas Bug Swat

©1996 Unknown

Angst - Rahzs Revenge

©1996 SoftKey Multimedia Inc., The Learning Company, Inc.

Ant Run

©1996 William Soleau

Apba Baseball Deluxe

©1996 Miller Associates

Apocalypse Cow

©1996 Pinata Fatala


©1996 Zonarware


©1996 A. Uhlmann


©1996 Unknown

Badman II- Hes Back Again!

©1996 PPPTeam

Badman III- Badboys Are Back!

©1996 PPPTeam


©1996 L.K. Avalon

Bang Bang

©1996 Unknown

Battle Arena Toshinden

©1996 Playmates Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Battle Ship

©1996 Marco Chiesi


©1996 Seah Boon Siew

Battles on a distant planet

©1996 Unknown

Bible Master 2- The Chaos of Aglia

©1996 Glodia

Bicycle Card Games Xmas Edition

©1996 Swfte International Ltd


©1996 Marco Chiesi

Blam! Machinehead

©1996 Core Design

Boulder Dash 12h

©1996 Simon Kagstrom

Boulderdash (Remake)

©1996 Petr Simon


©1996 WtB

Bow And Arrow

©1996 Unknown

Bricks for Windows

©1996 Unknown

Bulgeun Meorikaragui Larry (Red Hair Larry)

©1996 Lee Jung Se

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