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Sports DOS Games

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1 To Nil Soccer Manager

©1992 Wizard Games Of Scotland Ltd

1000 Miglia

©1991 Simulmondo

1000 Miles

©1984 Anonymous

10th Frame

©1987 Access Software, Inc.

18 Hole Miniature Golf

©1987 Unknown


©1994 Nimano Software

1st & Goal Fantasy Football

©1991 McS Custom Software

2FAST4YOU - Das Superheisse Bi-Fi Race

©1995 Art Department

3 Point Basketball

©1993 MVP Software

3D Ball Blaster

©1992 HomeBrew Software

3D Cyber Blaster

©1994 HomeBrew Software

3D Hunting Grizzly

©1998 Macmillan Digital Publishing USA

3-D TableSports

©1996 Time Warner Interactive Ltd.

3D World Boxing

©1993 Simulmondo

3D World Tennis

©1992 Simulmondo

4-D Boxing

©1991 Electronic Arts, Inc.

4-D Boxing - The DEMO Disk

©1991 Electronic Arts, Inc.

4d Boxing Deluxe

©1990 Electronic Arts Inc

4D Sports - Boxing

©1991 Mindscape International Ltd.

4D Sports - Tennis

©1990 Mindscape, Inc.

4th & Inches

©1988 Accolade, Inc.

4th & Inches Team Construction Disk

©1988 Accolade, Inc.

A la carrera

©1991 Ediciones Manali, S.A.

ABC Monday Night Football (demo)

©1989 Data East Corporation

ABC Wide World Of Sports Boxing

©1991 Data East USA, Inc.

Action Soccer

©1995 Ubi Soft Entertainment Software

Action Sports Soccer

©1992 MicroLeague Sports

Action SuperCross

©1998 Balazs Rozsa

Advantage Tennis

©1991 Infogrames

African Raiders-01

©1989 Coktel Vision

Alex Dampier Pro Hockey 95 (demo)

©1995 Merit Studios (Europe

Alex Higgins World Pool

©1993 Amstrad

Alex Higgins World Snooker

©1986 Amstrad

Alien Olympics

©1994 Mindscape, Inc.

Allan Borders Cricket

©1993 Audiogenic Software Ltd.

All-Star Sports Collection

©1994 Accolade, Inc.

American Challenge- A Sailing Simulation, The

©1986 Mindscape, Inc.

Americas cup

©1987 Free Game Blot

Angel Nieto Pole 500

©1990 Opera Soft S.A.

Another Pool

©1995 Gerrit Jahn


©1994 Ascon GmbH

Apba Baseball Deluxe

©1996 Miller Associates

APBA Baseball Master Game

©1991 APBA Game Company, Inc.

APBA Football

©1993 APBA Game Company, Inc.

APBA Major League Players Baseball- Master Edition

©1992 Miller Associates

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